Planet Earth Turquoise Party Greetings
Merry Canada Day 2022
Mandate: Right to Shelter and Food

Canada Day 2022
Canada will set the new precedence of Smart Democracy 2.0
It is the duty of every Canadian to wake up
Shake up and restore Canadian Values
Planet Earth Turquoise Party of Canada
wishes every Canadian Spirit
A Merry Canada Day 2022

Party values of People, Planet, Peace, Proserity, Privacy, Protien and Pirituality
Implementation of Smart Democracy, Smart Governance, Smart Judicary and Smart Enforcement
Calling Members, Leaders, Upload your Linkedln Video with your attributes
Active Politics, So you think you can lead, here is your chance, this portal will be your platform
Welcome to the Platform is WHO WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT?
Submit your video/audio links, let the people decide, arise, like your light show, lead the planet

If there was every a time it is now that we can create smart representaton, just like one Tweet can change the world
Help create a App called Urule, a Political Campaign Management Platform Tool where all have a common platform to display their merit
Action Items
Just a Nobody from nowhere that garuntees a fundamental right to FODD & SHELTER
Promises, Promises: Garunteed Food and Shelter for all, first we start with the County, then the country and take the Planet