JL9 Legal Domain
JL9 Planetary Judicary Language Standard
JL9 Applied Privacy and Security Gold Legal Standards
JL9 Smart laws, Smart Legislation, Smart Judicary, Smart Enforcement
JL9 Botton to Top Approach to Legistation Methodologies
Applied Social Justice Relief througth Legal Process
A resource dedicate to all things legal

100% Failure in Access To Justice on March 9th, 2022
Listen to the Voice Recording of the Futile Attempts to find Legal Representation in Ontario
Even if you have a Legal Aid Certificate, you cannot get a Ethical Competent Lawyer in Ontario
This is the third unused Legal Aid Certificate, while forced to self-represent
Or walk away from the kids, condeming to sure path of Pimps and Whores
The Legal System is a failure, justice is only for the rich
Or you can be like Dr Kunwar Raj Singh and go scott free with Judical Strings
The Law Society is a Failed Society

JL9 Version 1.0 Motion Standardized Message 2022
JL9 Planetary Judicary Language for the Standardized of a Motion Message
Call for contributions for ideas on Court Forms, Legal Reform
Have you every questioned the excess or lack of infomation on a Motion Form in your Jurisdiction
Introduction to JL9 Judaciary Language Standards for the Motion Form
Cotributions, thought, might and support of a justice planet with restored eyesight.

And You Call Yourself a Legal Professional?
Contribute COOP, Student Project, OpenSource Law Project
Planet Earth Judicary Legal Standards 2022
Judicial Infomation Technology Thesis Project
Enteprise Judicary Legal Platform Specifications Conference 2022
manifesting benefits of Interoperability, Swiftness, Privacy, Reliability, Security, Accountability, Adaptability
Creating Work Flows, Key Performance Indicators, Custom Work Flow, Incorprate Artifical and Human Intelligence Interface


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